Dim Mak

A full three years in the making, this is a weird avant-gardist conspiracy theory concept album of sorts, mixing found noises with casual sloganeering, poetry, and post-rock-ish atmospherics. It’s an intriguing idea, to describe urban paranoia by re-creating it in sound, but it’s also, unsurprisingly, a bit too far-reaching for its own good, and too often it’s impossible to tell what’s going on, with everything blurring together and not much making a whole lot of sense. And although that may be a fine description of the subject matter at hand, it doesn’t necessarily make for exciting listening.

That said, there are loads of great things taking place here, not least the performances, which are subdued and careful, impressively measured most of the time, and grand in both scale and sound. Panoramic in scope, both conceptually and musically, the album makes for an impressive and unsettling listening experience, but it’s not one you’ll wish to revisit too often.

Dim Mak Records: http://www.dimmak.com

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