Vinnie Santino

Vinnie Santino

That’s Him Officer!

Pacific Force

Vinnie Santino has teamed up with the brilliant Royal Crown Revue to record “a collection of original TV cop show themes,” meaning brass-heavy instrumentals composed in the style of ’70s cop show soundtracks. It all reeks a bit of condescending irony, but thankfully, Santino approaches the genre with grace and eloquence, and never resorts to a ridiculing of the music of the past. Unlike most other contemporary performers in the same vein, Santino doesn’t seem particularly intrigued by the more sinister, creepy moods inherent in much of this music, instead aiming for the soundtrack to suit the chase scenes.

This is hard, energetic music, played with a force that comes across on record. Royal Crown Revue can still do no wrong, but you already knew that, so the real surprise is Santino’s bold musicianship and orchestration, both impeccably executed. And while he actually manages to turn this into an album you can sit down and listen to, the subject matter indicates that it’s best enjoyed while driving really fast or while jumping between rooftops.

Vinnie Santino:

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