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Music From Big Pink Slip

Please get rid of Margie Libling. Her album reviews are horrible. A less creative, witty or interesting reviewer I have yet to read.

Besides that, your site rocks.


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Margie Libling replies: A less creative, witty or interesting hate mail I have yet to read.

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Love From the Designer

Hi Vanessa [Bormann],

I just found the review you did of Ubiquity Records’ release, Love From the Sun. Nice review, and even nicer mention of my design work! You know, I think that’s the only time any reviewer has ever been cool enough to not only mention that she digs the design, but to put in my name and Web site. Absolutely brilliant! I really appreciate it and hey, if you need any design work done….!!!

Thanks again,

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Deus Ex E-Mail

Dear Sir,

While Robert Tilton may have made numerous errors in the ministry, does that give you the right to ridicule all of Christianity? Dude you don’t know half the story. I used to work for the man in the early 80’s. You better be carefull [sic] about misjudging the rest of us “Jesus Freaks.” Read Daniel 9:24-27, it prooves [sic] Jesus is the Messiah of Israel.

• •

[Spiro T. Agnew replies:] Dear Chuck,

Are we to assume that my August 1999 review of The Robert Tilton Experience’s Nokotaka Lamoomba So Bat Tu touched a nerve?

Firstly, why so long in replying to us about it? Secondly, how come demon-possessed Tilton’s evil use of Acts 2:1-14, etc. didn’t alert you to Rev. Tilton’s “issues”? Most likely, you’re a shill for some Islamofacist cabal that’s hell-bent on portraying Tilton and his ilk (i.e., Benny Hinn, the entire TBN crew, et al.) as Christians (when in fact they are the seedling apostate church written about in Rev. 18, etc.) and then conveniently pointing out the fakery behind their “ministries” thus “prooving” [your spelling] that “Christians” are nothing more than cynical con-men out to make a buck off deluded, desperate, unhappy Americans. I suggest, sir, that if you are a Christian, you renounce any allegiance to Bob Tilton.

Frankly, I don’t see where Ink 19 has “misjudged” the rest of “you” “Jesus Freaks” any where. Like any secular media magazine in a free nation, there will be opinions and observations from all angles and that includes any number of plays on any and all religions, especially the “Christianity” of charlatans like Bob Tilton.

I don’t know about any other “Jesus Freaks,” but you seem like a clown at best and a devil at worst.


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It’s A Secret

[Editor’s note: the below is presented as received]

hi we are luke’s secret following

we love luke fictitious

we are also your long lost friend

this email has nothing to do with lukes official site

we just wanted to say hi

and have a beautifull day!

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What? Where? Who?

I grew up in Melbourne… and am trying to find out what happened to the Melbourne-based band named What. I had one tape of theirs…and that has long since been lost… any idea what these folks have moved on to, or where I might be able to get all of their albums on tape or CD?

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[Julio Diaz responds:] To the best of our knowledge, What split up quite some time ago. But a large segment of the old Melbourne Ink 19 contingent is still around, so we’re publishing this in the hopes that someone might no more details. Write us if you know what happened to What!

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I Really Wanna KnowÖ

Dear David [Lee Beowulf],

In your review of Crinkum Crankum, you stated: “The author [Robert Erringer] (who I think isn’t who he says he is) deals with a number of style issues […]”

What do you mean? Who do you think he is?

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[David Lee Beowulf replies:] I think he’s David St. John.

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Praise For the Priest

Excellent Scott Travis interview… That captured Scott’s personality.


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Corporate Reply Mail

I just finished reading the review of Something Corporate that was written last December. I have to completely disagree with you on your take on the band. I think that they have a great amount of potential and are definitely on their way to great success. They may not have the typical “punk” sound and image going for themselves, but that’s already been done and it’s a bit refreshing to hear something that isn’t so often tried. The songs on their newest album have meaning to them and the band is sincere about their work. “iF U C Jordan” was not meant to intentionally dis Jordan. It began just as something that Drew had written down, but eventually was taken and recorded because of its catchy tune.

Granted, this review was written before their debut CD was released and the band had gained popularity in other areas of the US besides the west coast. I honestly think that they have a lot of talent and deserve a bit more credit than what you’re giving them

• •

[Matt Cibula replies:] Thank you for your reasonable and sincere response to my review. We will just have to agree to disagree. I would like to add, though, that just because a song means something to the band doesn’t mean it means anything to anyone else, and that’s the case with all the songs on this EP. I don’t really care if a band is popular, or “punk” according to anyone’s definition: if they sound good to me, I like them. And that isn’t the case with Something Corporate, for me. But you like them, and you sound like a nice person, so kudos on disagreeing without being a complete asshole about it. Like some other Something Corporate fans I could mention.

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Evry’ting’s Not Irie

[Editor’s note: This letter presented as it was received]

i think your extremely uinintelligent and a usless opinionator to the public. If you understood the backround of where the marley’s message is coming from, you’d have a different opinion. When Bob died, he missed out on a lot, but one major concern was really connecting with the african american audience. So… jr. gong, steve and the rest of ghetto youths picked up where dem father left off. Since the majority of african am,ericans listen to hip hop, thats what dem play.

• •

This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friendÖ

[Editor’s note: Again, we didn’t edit this – why should we edit these things when they make for comedy gold untouched?]

hey in 99 you reveiwd Black Sails in the Sunset by AFI. Well you made fun of him a lot and i just wanted to say FUCK YOU! (i shouted)

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Paging Dr. Beckett, Dr. Sam Beckett, You Have a LetterÖ


If you are a time traveler or alien and or in possession of government or alien technology, I need your help! My entire life and health has been messed with by evil beings! If you have access to the carbon copy replica model #50 3000 series, the dimensional warp, temporal reversion or something similar please reply! I simply need the safest method of transferring my consciousness or returning to my younger self with my current mind/memory. I need an advanced time traveler to work with who can help me, I would prefer someone with access to teleportation as well as a variety different types of time travel. This is not a joke! I am serious! Please send a separate email to me at: Dragonball03@aol.com if you can help! Thanks

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There’s One Born Every Minute, and You’re Looking at Him

I came across one of your articles concerning a rumoured meeting between John Lennon and Paul McCartney in New York 1976 – and was awestruck… Is this true?? And what song is the not mentioned last song on the tape, which we’d “NEVER imagine either of them covering”Ö

Quite intriguing, this is…

• •

[Julio Diaz replies:] If you’ll check the month of publication on that article (April 1999), you may get some clue as to its veracityÖ

• •

Dead Letter Office, Take One

Thanks for such an insightful commentary on the death of the character of Tara. Though I agree with Kyra Roc and Ben Valentine, Julio Diaz makes an eloquent statement of the opposite position.

I think what this argument shows is a failure for Mutant Enemy to tell their story. When fans can walk away with two very opposing viewpoints on a storyline, it seems to me that they didn’t tell their story very well. This is part of the reason season six has been criticized.

The main problem that I see with the Willow arc was that Mutant Enemy kept changing the magic metaphor from magic = gay love as late as sixth season’s “Once More with Feeling,” to magic is addictive in “Wrecked,” to magic makes you evil at the end of the season. This was bad writing that led to the varying interpretations of the death of the Tara character.

Julio argues that the cliche wasn’t what was intended so the lesbian cliche should not be seen. I disagree. I saw another lesbian dead after sex and another lesbian turning evil. That’s the story Mutant Enemy told me, intended or not. Mutant Enemy’s intent is irrelevant.

Ben sums it up for me: “At a certain point, what was intended becomes irrelevant and only what was presented matters. And what was presented was another dead lesbian in a landscape littered with them. I think it’s significant that none of us, Kyra, Julio, or me, deny this. It’s just that Julio’s willing to forget about it while neither Kyra or I (for different but intersecting reasons) are.”

[Julio Diaz replies:] Thanks for your well-reasoned response, Sam. The article on the Death of Tara has easily been one of our most perused articles ever, and has generated a lot of discussion on various Buffy fansites around the ‘Net. We’re pleased to have been a part of something that’s brought so many new readers to the site.

Mutant Enemy has a hard road ahead of them, and I Think they know that. Fortunately, I think they’re up to the challenge, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new season brings. Ben, I know, disagrees with me – he and I still “debate” the subject frequently – but my bottom line is simply that the story isn’t over yet, and I’m still interested in seeing what happens to the characters next. While even I wish that Tara was still around (I liked her, too, if that didn’t come across!) – and that if she had to die, that a little more forethought had been given to what the reaction might be (I think Mutant Enemy wanted anger, but not for some of the reasons they got it) – I still suspect there’s more going on than what’s already met the eye.

• •

Dead Letter Office, Take Two

[Editor’s Note: Again, no edits here, kids]

so someone died and they happened to be lesbian, things happen to people. get a life, it’s just a TV show.

• •

[Julio Diaz replies:] I like to read this one in my head with William Shatner’s voice, a la the classic Star Trek convention sketch on Saturday Night Live. “Move.. out.. of your parent’s basements!”

• •

Dead Letter Office, Take Three

This show is not about Tara, it is about Buffy. Get a life, losers. Tara was getting tired and boring. I’m glad she is dead, not because of her sexuality, which you people only care about, but because she no longer advanced the storyline. The storyline is paramount. Good day.

• •

[Julio Diaz replies:] I find it interesting that everyone that wrote in that doesn’t agree with Ben and/or Kyra’s views uses the phrase “get a life.” It seems to me that these people don’t realize what a part Tara played in the lives of young gays and lesbians. While I agree with this writer’s point that the storyline is paramount, I can still understand why a lot of folks were upset at the way it played out. It’s a testament to the character – and to the writers that created her – that despite being a supporting player, so many cared so much about her.

Also, I would argue that while Buffy is the central protagonist, the show is about ALL the characters. If it was Buffy sitting around alone all the time, it would get pretty dull!

• •

We Can’t Make These Up, FolksÖ

[Editor’s Note: Once again, presented withoutÖ oh, you know the drillÖ]

hi there my name is teresa i have 2 brothers they are nice do you have any brothers are any sister do u like loneter are marck wills i like lonestar got to go bye bye it is teresa again it is my brotheres bd today can u e mail me

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