• They Might Be Giants

    They Might Be Giants

    They Might Be Giants returned to Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola for an early stop on the tour behind the band’s latest album, “I Like Fun.” Of course, Julio Diaz was there.

  • Dressy Bessy

    Little Music (Kindercore). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Ted Leo/Pharmacists

    Hearts Of Oak (Lookout!). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • All Girl Summer Fun Band

    2 (K). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Editor’s Choice: The Top 19 of 2002

    Julio Diaz didn’t review as many albums in 2002 as he should have, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t listening. Here are his picks for the year’s best.

  • Small Town Punk

    John L. Sheppard’s darkly funny take on life as a disaffected teen in early-’80s west central Florida, Small Town Punk hits pretty close to home for Tampa native Julio Diaz…

  • Nerf Herder

    Scoring Buffy, hangin’ with ‘Nsync, picking up interstellar babes and new wave girls… all in a day’s work for the men of Nerf Herder. Julio Diaz attempts to run an extensive interview with singer Parry Grip in less than 12 parsecs.

  • Crash Pad

    High Gain Villains (self-released). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Mouthing Off

    Rock stars say the darndest things, and John D. Luerssen has collected a sampling of the darndest of them all in his new book, Mouthing Off. Julio Diaz has some comments of his own.

  • Sir Millard Mulch

    The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth (Ed Furniture). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Candy Butchers

    Play With Your Head (RPM / Sony). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Letter-Ary Treasures

    As They Might Be Giants sang, "you never know what you’ll find when you open up your letterbox." Here’s a sampling of what’s come in to the Ink 19 virtual letterboxÖ

  • Keith Welsh

    American (Boxcar). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Tenacious D

    Tenacious D with Greasepaint at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL on April 2, 2002. Concert review and photos by Julio Diaz.

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