From Lausanne, Switzerland


From Switzerland, as the title so proudly declares, comes Favez, who have been making a small name for themselves in central, continental Europe for a decade now, but have yet to reach the wider indie-rock attention they so deserve. This album should, if thereÃs any justice left, help set matters straight.

Favez play grand-scale rock, make no mistakes, but it’s grand in a beautiful indie way, the way Dinosaur Jr. were grand. And they have more in common with good, old J Mascis than mere scale-compatibility, the punch and attack and the refusal to compromise are all features shared by the two. ThereÃs a brilliant, engaging directness to Favez, although they never seem to want to take the easy way out. Coming across like former touring-partners Fireside teaming up with Hot Water Music, this is punk with a rock n’ roll heart, aggressive but with warmth and attitude and wit. Unpretentious emo-core from a band that keeps it real, simply because they know no other way. Beautiful and endearing.

Doghouse Records: http://www.doghouserecords.com

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