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Mille Plateaux

Not to be confused for a troglodyte, I do wholeheartedly support experimentation in art. I believe it’s the only way that any artform can progress. Everybody needs envelope pushers. Though, at times I can be a meat-and-potatoes guy with my electronic music (preferring to simply dance), I can appreciate your abstracted and minimalist vibe (in fact, a lot of dance music bores me with its overabundance of cliché). There’s just a point where I think music becomes more cerebral than celebratory, and, when it reaches that point, my non-black-bereted ass generally checks out. mp108 leaves me in its dust fairly early on, and, while there are a couple interesting numbered (not named) noises, I honestly don’t feel the need to catch up. It is so abstracted, so minimal, I can’t hear the point. It’s like blips and bleeps on wallpaper when I’d much rather see a painting.

Mille Plateaux:

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