Hardcore Dancehall

Hardcore Dancehall

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Victory World

In a recent review of Victory World’s Hey Punk … Get Riddim, I accused the label of being too timid in their dancehall choices, picking nice, safe music with easily recognizable names. I strongly suggested that they looked towards Jamdown Records for their dancehall direction. Well, even though this compilation had been compiled, produced, and distributed well before I wrote those words, I’m glad they listened to me.

With over half of this compilation gleaned from the Jamdown vaults, this is every hard-throbbing dancehall fan’s dream (even with the obligatory half-naked women on the cover). Though I can always do without the nails-across-chalkboard vocals of Red Rat, we’ve got Cobra, Anju, Elephant Man, Cutty Ranks, and Tanya Stephens. Tanto Metro and Devonte’s “Whatever Comes to My Mind” is catchier than mono, and Alley Cat’s “Gimmie the Weed Fi Smoke” should be this millennium’s smokers’ anthem. Hard-driving beats and sweat-drenched pelvic grinds — a damned good time.

Victory World Records: http://www.victoryworld.net

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