All That Glitters

Force Inc.

I don’t entirely understand it. I realize music critics are meant to be wildly intelligent, endlessly refined people. That’s what everyone expects, right?

I’ve never been a huge fan of dance music. I realize that comment writes off a big genre that contains millions of albums I haven’t heard. Regardless of sparse or lush orchestration, though, I’ve never experienced the much-lauded sense of community that is supposed to arise from a preoccupation with heavy beats and synthesizers. Yet, Force Inc. is a label that puts out music with some very dense philosophical claims.

I have attempted to read Giles Deleuze (philosopher/icon for Force Inc. and its related offshoots). I am not smart enough to understand him. I will try again at some point in my life. I have also spent about a month with this new album by M.R.I., All That Glitters, trying to understand how this album can be construed as “cultural deconstruction.”

This is an album of house music. Aaliyah is sampled, there are a lot of neat repetitive sounds, and it’s relatively put together well. It just doesn’t serve much of a purpose to me. I don’t have any friends, I stay at home and listen to music all day.

Force Inc.: http://www.force-inc.com/

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