Mad Men

Mad Men

Mad Men on Arrival

Hum Drums / Illmindmusik

This record is a swift kick to the crotch of everyone who claims that all underground indie hip-hop is automatically better than major-label stuff. If this is real rap from the streets, then I’m Big Daddy Kane.

Start with “Mad Intro”: When Declaime says “We’re tryin’ to break the record to have the longest intro on a bullshit-ass record,” they’re not kidding, especially about the “bullshit-ass” part. Their main theme, “M.A.D.M.E.N,” is an untight, unlovely attempt to mix A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan — but done with a lack of charm, an absence of wit, and an apparent disregard for rehearsal. The next track is a feature for KanKick called “Kanstructivist,” and fails to register despite Kan’s painful falsetto delivery. Let’s quote some lyrics from “Mad Men on Arrival”: “All fakes and phonies / Watch how I slide / All step aside / When my posse ride.” And Julio and Ian, if you’re gonna make me listen to shite like “Sex Rhyme,” you’re gonna have to pay me, dammit.

Do not buy this album under any circumstance, even to save the world.

Hum Drums:

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