Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis

3 Pieces for Violin

King Crab

Warren Ellis is the violinist from Australia’s Dirty Three, who have collaborated with a whole host of brilliant artists, including Low and Nick Cave. And if that hasn’t been enough to convince you of their versatility, then this one should do the trick. Here, Ellis attacks his instrument with full force, recreating minimal musique concrete in a rock setting, in a way that implies he’s been listening to one of those Thurston Moore side-projects one time too many. Track one is an aggressive little ditty, short and staccato, up and kicking, but perhaps too one-faceted to garner any real interest. The two following tracks are far more effective, track two being a churning, intense piece, while the closing track is the longest of the bunch, and shifts from lazy nostalgia to a truly tragic, beautiful, nerve-wrecking finale. Originally intended to accompany a piece from the Holy Body Tattoo dance troupe, the music seems only halfway finished, and you can’t help wonder if it in fact needs the visuals for it to make any real sense. Leaving a bit to be desired, then, but any fan of Ellis’ other work should seek it out, if only to realize the man’s unique and impressive musical scope.


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