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Holding Pattern

Small m Manifesto


Toronto’s Holding Pattern paint in bold colors on this album, their first yet, showing off their highly individualistic style, which may be described as complex, multifaceted post-rock played with hardcore’s expressive force and ferociousness. The all-instrumental album moves in slow, lazy curves, never overusing the low/high-dynamics, instead relying on the power of their intricate compositions to shine through. Not to say that Holding Pattern don’t go for all-out attacks, but they seem to know the force in taking their time, rather than stating their points in a series of the ever-repetitive, formulaic arrangements that make up much of post-rock’s efforts. So, instead of another anemic shot at art-rock, we get an album’s worth of drifting, beautiful tracks that bristles with hope, and burns with an energetic attack that fills the album with presence and urgency.

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