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Now, I admit that I am utterly amazed when it comes to the phenomenon known as Jermaine Dupri. The little man from Atlanta has gone from failed child actor to one of the most successful rap producers to ever live. For a man with so little talent even the Hubbell telescope can’t spot it, it is absolutely amazing he has gotten as far as he has. And I’m absolutely floored that, after J.D. “acquired” Lil Bow Wow from Death Row when Suge Knight was still in the lock-up, Dupri is still alive. To forestall any further amazement, I refuse to look at Billboard to see how well this disc sells.

While I like Lil Bow Wow as much as the next fool, it is despite Dupri. I enjoy listening to him occasionally on the radio, but refuse to have any of his music in my collection because of his mediocre producer. And mediocrity is exactly what you get here. The Doglet’s songs are fun enough – but disposable. And you could definitely throw away the rest of the soundtrack. Even with the combined efforts of the aforementioned artist and producer, Nas, TQ and Jagged Edge, Solange and B2K, Sony, Fox Music, Sega Sports, and NBA Entertainment (or perhaps because of it), a crap album could not avoid being produced here.

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