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Now, remixes have been around in this country ever since the sound system was brought to the Apple. I remember in the ’80s buying the 12-inches for those special remixes not to be found on the album. It seems that the idea for remix albums (not as solo DJ projects) was long in coming; but now that it’s here, I bet we’ll be begging for them to stop. But, from the label’s perspective, this is a great way to resell old music with minimal effort and minimal cost.

Cypress Hill, who refuse to die after a decade in the game, are the perfect subjects for the remix treatment. They’ve produced a whole bunch of good material — a lot of which has been popular. I’m sure there are a bunch of DJ/producers who would’ve loved to cut up B-Real and Sen Dog. However, Sony decided to give this bad boy the booty treatment. There are only six songs here, and DJ Muggs redoes four songs he produced in the first place. The man who rocked rap with the upright bass seems like he has better things to do. Chillin’ at the pool must’ve been more interesting than revisiting this stuff. He gives “Latin Lingo” that deep bass throb to ultimate effect, but he was just phoning it in with the other three jams. The Alchemist of Dilated Peoples fame, surprisingly, does nothing for “(Rap) Superstar”; and I don’t know who in the hell Fredwreck Nassar is, but maybe I’ll meet him in that fiery pit one day. Overall, Stash makes me wonder if The Automator or Britt or Peanut Butter Wolf refused to answer the phone the day Sony called, because they were sorely needed here.

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