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Reaching Quiet

In the Shadow of the Living Room


This disc should be retitled Revenge of the Desktop DJs. Two guys (Why? and Odd Nosdam) with too much time and equipment on their hands, over-stimulated imaginations, and the coherence of Timothy Leary after three decades of LSD have created a serious mind boggle. A cut-and-paste cacophony, Living Room is filled with every sound to be found on the planet: beat snatches, static, miscellaneous samples – everything but flatulence can be found here. But, unlike Akufen or Geez ‘n’ Gosh, these sounds aren’t carved into songs – or anything recognizable. This disc is a post-apocalypse collage of whatever struck these guys’ fancies whenever the sound hit their laptops. Sometimes funny, sometimes funky, sometimes just downright annoying, Reaching Quiet is an experiment in sound that definitely scrapes along your range of tolerance. For the adventurous out there, check it out. For those who need to stay grounded in their music, this will blow you off your feet into its nightmare deconstruction of modern-day production values.

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