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Barbara Ann

Ode to My Freaks


One of the most unique voices in indie music is back. I do not use the term unique lightly. Although comparisons to Christina Amphlett from The Divinyls, Katie Jane Garside of Daisy Chainsaw, or even Cyndi Lauper may be valid, they still cannot match Barbara Ann’s vocal mix of pubescent schoolgirl and seasoned belter. She is somehow able to have this tiny, little, girlie voice and at the same time have a solid, booming, delivery. Barabara Ann’s songs have that not quite punk, but heavy, loud pop sound that when done well, as this record is, can be quite captivating. Ode to My Freaks has thirteen new tracks that are very hard to sit still through – if you are not careful, her hook laden songs will have you dancing around in your underwear.


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