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Beth Nielsen Chapman

Deeper Still


No surprises from Beth Nielsen Chapman on this one, another album of adult folksy pop, easy on the ear and hard to actually dislike. Chapman is a sincere and very competent singer and songwriter, and there are some very special guests on here – most notably Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, and Vince Gill. With some of the lyrics verging towards the banal, with loads of angels and candles and children in them, Chapman still conveys a profundity and a sincerity that=EDs pretty rare to find in this sort of mature and heavily produced folk pop. Some of the songs – “Sleep” being a particular example – are subdued and quite moving reflections from a woman who have been through some pretty hard times lately but is bravely struggling her way back to life. Comes Christmas time and this one should go down a storm.

Beth Nielsen Chapman:

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