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Iron Savior

Condition Red


Holy crap! This is a flash back to the olden days of metal! Dive bomb guitar licks, ultra fast, galloping guitars, triumphant harmonized vocals, discussion on titans and other nonesense (“titans of our time!”). Wow! The back-up vocals are like those found in most 1980s power ballads, and some beer commercials from that era. The fast, hammered guitar solos! AHHH! Help! This is power metal with a capital “P,” from the Ibanez guitars, to the leather jackets, to the harmonized guitar solos, to the wanna-be Joe Satriani phrasing of licks, to the ridiculous and overly operatic delivery of the lead singer!

Every single song on this disc is so overtly male and balls out 1980s machismo that this disc screams simply “EXTREMELY HOMOEROTIC.” I find it funny when rockers like Iron Savior make music that they feel to be very masculine, only to effectively “out” themselves, for not even the biggest frat boy is as manly as the music on Condition Red.

All I can really tell you is that Condition Red is 100% power metal, 1980s style. Imagine White Lion, Scorpions, Warrant, Skid Row, and flashes of Krokus balled up in to one very manly package. What you will have is the frightening and utterly hideous Condition Red.

Sanctuary /Noise Records:

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