Mimi + Boyd

Mimi + Boyd

Angular Island


Straight from the mechanical influences of early Detroit techno, with a more meth-laced approach, New York’s Mimi + Boyd update the classic sounds into nonstop dancefloor frenzy. Although the pan-fried tracks are fortunately less likely to become anthems like cheesy trance numbers, they cater to the grown-up clubber in all of us.

Comprised of dance music veteran Mark Gage and drum programming extraordinaire Michelle “Punisher” Hermann, Mimi + Boyd circumnavigate the normal 4/4 aesthetics in favor of off-kilter kick drums, distorted bass feeds and a glitchy texture that lends much an experimental ambience to the fray. The continuity between each tracks solidifies them as parts of a whole rather than their own separate entities. Consider it a 70-minute tune that infiltrates the deepest house and pilfers the crispiest noise to concoct a rich sound that ebbs and flows like the tides its island was built within.

Mimi + Boyd: http://www.greengalactic.com/mb.html

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