The Quails

The Quails


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Combining post-punk rhythms (god, how I hate that description) with a fine tuned sense of melody, The Quails create music that is as celebratory as it is volatile. Off-kilter rhythms, a stand up bass, trumpets, and a careening sense of urgency all coalesce in a stand out package.

Sounding at times like the unholy offspring between an early B-52s and a sinewy and lean garage band, The Quails kick off the album right with an urgent number “Riding The 5.” Sung by Julianna Bright, the track is almost a microcosm of the album as a whole. Trading off vocals with Jen Smith, the track rolls on with a free wheeling abandon.

The following number, “Atmosphere,” displays Smith’s fierce and feral singing style. Shrill and caustic, Smith’s singing style is a neat approximation of Johnny Rotten. Sounding as if she was channeling the spirit of some long forgotten Greek Fury, Smith is all over the map.

While some of the tracks on this release start to sound the same, there is no doubt that seen live, The Quails are a force to be reckoned with. Often known to invite audience members on stage to assist on bass or handing out awards for the best dancer, on record The Quails revelry is difficult to capture.

The Quails:

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