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Sick of It All

Live in a Dive

Fat Wreck Chords

Third album out in Fat Wreck Chords’ Live in a Dive series, and surely the best one yet. The mighty Sick of It All comes out punching and kicking on this set. And if the events that preceded this November 2001 show by a couple of months make the performance of “America” seem a bit dubious, the rest of the set presents SOIA at their furiously, uncompromisingly best.

From a great “Call To Arms” to the brilliantly aggro-core of “Potential For a Fall,” SOIA delivers the goods in typically grinning, stomping manner, all sweat-soaked punk fury. And although it’s unfair to single out tracks from such a full-on head first attack, honorable mentions must be made to the audience-assisted “Rat Pack” and the crushing take on “Disco Sucks Fuck Everything.”

Always a better live band than their studio albums indicated, this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing without actually having the band serenade you in your own living room. An intense set from one of the most influential hardcore albums of the last decade, caught on a great night. What more are you asking for?

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