Mary Timony

Mary Timony

The Golden Dove


You kind of have to wonder about the pretentiousness of a press release that includes a six-stanza poem about this CD which ends with “To deny yourself this gift… will end in paying a great cost.” Too bad the effort of writing such an epic isn’t justified. Don’t get me wrong, the second solo release from “self-styled icon” Mary Timony is pleasant enough, and “dovelike” can certainly be used to describe Ms. Timony’s vocals, but overall the CD leaves me wanting. Mood-wise, there really isn’t anything to distinguish one track from another; the music is somber in most places and dreary in others and all around lackluster. “Musik and Charming Melodee” is a shimmery little affair that’s about as substantial as dandelion fluff. Maybe that’s the point, but the point is lost on me. “14 Horses” teases with its war-like drums but never fulfills the potential of the powerful pounding; it just drones on without a rewarding climax or denouement. I do like “Magic Power,” with its subdued whimsy, and “Look a Ghost in the Eye” simply because of the ironic title, but I would have expected more from someone as lauded as Ms. Timony.

Mary Timony:

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