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Dubtribe Sound System vs. Chillifunk Recordings

Heavyweight Soundclash


Heavyweight Soundclash is the latest in Shadow’s formidable “Shadow Mix” series, where DJs (like Spooky, BMF, and Richard Hinge) get to rip up a label’s shit to the best of their ability. It’s a marvelous showcase for the DJ’s talent and the chosen label’s catalogue.

This time around, Shadow hands the decks over to Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones, a.k.a. Dubtribe Sound System. Known for their bass-throbbing dubby injections into house music, the Joneses have been anesthetizing clubbers with delight for both Bush administrations. And this mix CD will put a morphine smile on your face.

The two have chosen Britain’s ultra-soul label, Chillifunk and have heaped soul upon soul upon jazz upon funk upon soul to deliver a late-night bliss fest. Punctuating each track with live percussion, Dubtribe gives the deep house Grand Canyon depth. Evocative of smoky nights and heavily-filtered erotica, this disc has a profound sensuality that seriously moves multiple regions of one’s person. And their mixes of East West Connection and Terry Callier’s “Tomorrow in Your Eyes” are simply sublime. If Nirvana is anywhere near as blissful as this CD, we all need to start chanting now (preferably with Heavyweight Soundclash in the background).

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