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Superior Massacre


The second album from Myrkskog, following 1999’s Death Machine, and an even more harrowing, gruesome attack than the last time around. Featuring Destructhor and Secthdamon from Zyklon (formerly Emperor) alongside bassist Demariel, Myrkskog plays grinding death metal at breakneck-speed, all blastbeats and insane time signatures. However, Myrkskog refuse to stay within death’s often limiting parameters and add more than a fair share of black metal to the recipe – bottom-heavy, punishing bass, growled vocals and fiery riffing add a thunderous heaviness to the evil, cynical death shred.

Tracks like the genuinely scary “Detain The Skin” and the mad “Trapped In Torment” offer convincing displays of the brutality of Myrkskog’s sound, so extreme it is impossible to tell what’s actually going on, except that whatever it is, it’s heavy and brilliant. “Indisposable Deaths” adds Eastern European folk structures to an already insanely complex track, while “Blood Ejaculation” is an utterly heavy demonstration of technique with a sense of purpose. Intense, brutal and volatile, Myrkskog has made one of the most extreme and accomplished metal albums of the year.

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