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King’s Evil

Deletion Of Humanoise


King’s Evil delivers utterly heavy, brutal old-school trash metal straight out of Japan. Taking their cue from Slayer, they might even bear a closer resemblance to the extreme grind of Kreator, what with that gleeful visions of apocalypse and their rather disturbing cover art. Insanely technical and furiously paced, they still prefer to keep things simple and the more complex tracks – try “Fanatical Devotion” and “False Pride” – starts to drag a bit, as the band seems unable to tackle them with the right amount of aggression and in your face attack. Elsewhere, however, King’s Evil delivers several fine moments. “Victim Of Hate” and “Detonation” offer great, monstrous, riff-heavy extreme trash. “Punish With Death” is so ridiculously fast and plain mad it’s absolutely great. And the rest of it – there are only eight songs on this 35 minutes long album – isn’t all that bad either.

Obviously, all they sing about is stuff like “putrid blood infecting me” and “reigns insanity, spilling blood, killing all in sight.” You know the drill. And they’re not exactly the most inventive band around either. But hey, good old-school trash, you know, you don’t get too much of that these days. A must-have for those who miss the Slayer of yore.

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