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Beach House


Hed Kandi

Now that summer’s almost over, it’s time to be nostalgic about all those hyper-cool summer moments you never had – when you were in the slick middle of a Skyy Vodka commercial, chillin’ with super models poolside, skiing in swim gear, birthday-suiting it in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Forget the bulbous belly moments of Bud and baseball. The super-cool Ibiza summer was your August, and Beach House was your soundtrack.

A deep house chill comp, this two-disc set is filled with mellowed beats, lush synth soundscapes filled with hazy pastels, and chilly grooves that move you just enough that your cool doesn’t break out into a feverish sweat. The first disc starts off with Snooze’s “Doremifa Girl,” a lush, astral jazz with an occasional Jeffrey Ingram howl. Julius Papp’s “A Thousand Years” (featuring Soulstice’s Gina Rene) is a delicious Latin-tinged cut with a muted beat and deliberate, cherubic guitar plucking. Kaskade’s “It’s You, It’s Me” is as sexy as dripping honey. ThereÃs also some nice stuff by Solu, Fac 15, and Nick Holder.

The second disc turns up the heat a bit, throwing more of a dance spin on things. It kicks off easy enough with Los Ladrones’ “Mi Amor Es,” a dreamy Brazilian lounge gem. But things rapidly start boiling over, and you find yourself sweating to this hot house flower. Anthemic cuts like Jetlag’s “So Right” and “Feels Alright” by Richard F. keep everything frenetic. There’s also some nice boogie-in-your-bones from the king, Miguel Migs, Malena, and DJ Chus with The Groove Foundation.

Though this collection by no means resembles my summer, I’m already missing it and can’t wait to get back to its hazy, lazy, pheremonal dreaminess.

Hed Kandi:

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