Brother JT

Brother JT

Maybe We Should Take Some More?


Another album from the hyper prolific Brother JT, and impressively, it’s another good one too. His frenetic productivity wouldn’t be so remarkable if it was about quantity only, but the fact that he manages to be so consistently good and to constantly reinvent himself make this all the more amazing. This time around, he’s less soul and blues inspired than before, but retains the psychedelic pop edge, the lo-fi bedroom approach and the playful lyrical imagery. From the art-noise opening track to the Jesus & Mary Chain-ish “Twain,” the stripped-down folk-prog of “S.O.S.,” the biker psych-rocking “Child of the Sun” and the angular “Lullaby,” JT is unusually entertaining and diverse on this.

An hour of his highly idiosyncratic whimsy may be too much for some to take, but while it may have served the cause to edit the album down a bit, the sheer quality of most songs on here make such discussion redundant and pointless. This is a fun and profound collection of songs. An acquired taste for sure, but all the more rewarding once you open up to the weird world of Brother JT.

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