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Boy George

A Night in With Boy George: A Chillout Mix


After all the Behind The Music hoopla and ’80s melodrama, you’d never expect Boy George to resurface from the unforgiving face of obscurity. Now reborn as a respected DJ, the androgynous Buddhist has been quite prolific in recent years.

This latest mix, a relaxing companion to his popular Night Out release, the vinyl conductor offers a versatile affair, filled with up and coming acts like Royskopp and Bonobo, to folksters like Kid Galahad, who offers a shoegazing flashback with “World Crashes Down.” George manages to flip the script by throwing in underground hip hop in to the ring, with Mr. Live. Although this makes for a shaky mixing effort, it does spice the record and provides an interesting bridge to the downtempo, acid-jazz and trip-hop that surface the rest of the way.

I must give credit to the man for taking advantage of hopping on the DJ bandwagon without sounding too similar to the million other ones out there. A second career, a rebirth, call it what you want, but the title of one of George’s biggest hits in the past, “Karma Chameleon,” most likely foreshadowed his career in the present.

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