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Darren Hanlon

Hello Stranger


A lovely first full-length album, this, from former Lucksmiths and Deerhunters sideman Darren Hanlon, following his two-year-old debut EP Early Days, that saw him topping the indie charts of his home country Australia. That release’s charming acoustic folk-rock has been expanded in every direction on here, with Hanlon’s modest and irresistible songwriting being put at the forefront, whether it’s on the stunning pop brilliance of the opening “Hiccup,” the folksy strum of “The Kickstand Song,” or the up-and-about acoustic power-pop of “Operator… Get Me Sweden.”

Hanlon’s casual and confident songs revolve around remarkably down to earth observations, about finding meaning and sense in the irregular oddities of everyday living. His songs, as a result, seem personal and honest, with Hanlon’s own, unique voice constantly shining through and shaping the music on here. By the time he closes the set with the great, folksy “Cheat The Future” and the lovely “The Last Night of Not Knowing You,” he’ll have won you over too. Irresistible and warm-hearted singer/songwriter pop from one of the finest current artists in this vein.

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