John Creamer & Stephane K

John Creamer & Stephane K



This two-disc dance set just keeps you waiting… and waiting… and waiting for the dance. Creamer and K have garnered the reputation for making you dance… yet, you keep waiting… they say that they join “the dots between progressive, tribal, deep and funky house”… but you wait… you know that the Bedrock series, with Jimmy Van M, DJ Hyper, and Chris Fortier, is some hot shit that’ll have you breaking out in sweats in places you didn’t know you had glands — still, you wait.

There’s good music here by Peace Division, Milo, Creamer & Quick, Kim English, Bernard Leon Howard III, Nukem, and Dogma, but Creamer and K just don’t string it together very well. You find yourself lost in a not-quite-boogie netherland, where the beats tell you that you should be made to dance. Yet, they are just not that compelling. You look quizzically up at the booth, and suddenly John and Stephane look more like Vladimir and Estragon, questioning and asserting that the dance is coming. Where is it? Everybody waits, tense, confused; but, then, by the middle of the second disc, you realize that your wait was as absurd as a Tom Stoppard play. Because it simply ain’t coming.

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