Minus 8

Minus 8



It seems as though I can never stop being amazed by the Jazzanova-Compost/Sonar Kollektiv and the work they keep pumping into our ears. Spearheading what is now being called nu jazz, they are simply producing some of the most exciting music coming out right now.

Minuit, Minus 8’s (or Robert Jan Meyer’s) second album, is the perfect example of what this group of artists is doing. Taking sampling to a new height, Meyer makes the technology sound as though it doesn’t exist, getting a peculiar organic sound out of his bytes while creating a kaleidoscopic array of international influences (jazz, bossa nova, house, 2step, the kitchen sink) into a cohesive, intriguing whole that is utterly compelling. There are layers of funky (yet dreamy) sophistication on this album that are hard to find anywhere else outside of the JCR stable. Minuit (with the help of songstress Billie and a brief cameo by Matthew Herbert) is a startling testament to the talent of Meyer and the strength of the Compost catalogue.

Compost Records: http://www.compost-records.com

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