Soulsessions 2

Soulsessions 2

Various Artists

Giant Step

Oh, you poor soul junkies, abandoned by R&B, neglected by hip-hop, and you can forget about jazz. Gospel won’t have you. Backs turn everywhere you go. Curtis and Marvin are dead and gone. You roam the streets, hustle on corners, shamefully rob your parents=ED old album collections — anything for that soul.

Well, Giant Step, those old jack hustlers, have come with your latest hit. Be careful, though… this is some strong shit. They hit you with Jazzanova and Zero 7. Donnie returns, doing his Donny/Stevie hybrid soul. Nicodemus and Osiris come at you, straight out of the Thievery Corporation Songbook. Kim Hill lays you out with her cherubically sweet ballad glazed with angelic melancholy. Peven Everett lifts you back up with some breezy, good-time bitterness, and you’ll be “Harmonize”-ing with the infectious John Forte. Seek and Jiva give you a boost. But you’ll be floored once again when Carl Hancock Rux digs up the ancestral bones with “Protean Character.”

So, stop jonesing in the alleyway, rummaging through the trash for discarded 45s, and getting your fix off of diluted Ashanti tracks. The soul is right here for the taking.

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