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The Teaches of Peaches


I heart Peaches. My first exposure to the trashy goddess was six months ago in during a late-night channel surf. It was like a train wreck for me – I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the woman with unshaven underarms wearing a tank top and hot pants, shaking her ass to the drum machine driven low-fi fuzzy guitar, shouting, “Rock show!/You came to see a rock show!/A big gigantic cock show!/Rock show!!” I was scarred for life and made a devotee.

A Google search the next day took me to the European Kitty-Yo site, which had a Shockwave player of The Teaches of Peaches. I drank in every Roland 505-manufactured song in all its lo-fi glory. It was 11 tracks of slutty, raunchy fun and it was good.

The song titles themselves should give an indication of the manner of lady with which we are dealing – all, with the exception of “Rock Show” and “Felix Partz,” have some sort of sexual connotation or subject – “Cum Undone,” “Diddle My Skittle,” “Suck and Let Go,” and “Hot Rod.” My favorite tracks were “AA XXX,” an homage of sorts to small breasts and perverted minds; “Fuck the Pain Away,” a song you have to love just because of its title; and “Lovertits,” another song with a great title and a quirky synth line.

Yes, Peaches is trashy, foul, and sexually aggressive (that’s her crotch on the cover, and she even has a “crotch gallery” on her Web site.) Not afraid of the “F-word,” Peaches peppers each song with a “come fuck me or I’ll come fuck you” attitude that makes you want to roll over and bare your belly in submission. Her poor Roland 505 must be so abused by now – it’s been driven and driven hard.

Luckily for me (and also for you salivating masses) XL Recordings has re-released The Teaches of Peaches domestically, and to make it worth the wait, included a bonus CD. Quite the treat, the bonus CD includes two videos for “Set it Off,” appropriately titled “Lo-Fi” and “Hi-Fi.” Both are completely different from the other, yet appropriate visual interpretations of the song. (The “Hi-Fi” version features the “Radio Mix” by Tobi Newmann, which ironically is not radio-friendly at all.) Also included are the tracks “Casanova,” a cover of fellow Kitty-Yoans Jeans Team’s “Keine Melodien” and another cover of Berlin’s “Sex (I’m A),” which translates better than the Lovage duet version between Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton. I’m not crazy about the Kid606 remix of “Fuck the Pain Away,” but it’s not enough to detract me from the rest of the CD. In fact, I may not get any other CDs reviewed this month – I’ll be too busy listening to Peaches.

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