• Krescent 4

    Krescent 4 (self-released). Review by Gail Worley.

  • George Duke

    Face The Music (BPM). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • Miguel Migs

    Colorful You (Naked / Astralwerks). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • Label Launch

    Is DIY dead? No, it’s just a bit more convoluted. In Label Launch, Veronika Kalmar attempts to demystify the process of putting out your own record. Rob Walsh has a look.

  • Disco Kandi

    Various Artists (Hed Kandi). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • Bush

    Golden State (Atlantic). Review by Hal Horowitz.

  • After Nature

    The newly-translated version of W.G. Sebald’s prose poem After Nature helps Terry Eagan understand the roots of the novelist’s themes.

  • Anatomy of a Life Possessed

    Anatomy of a Life Possessed is Maria Ferrara Pema’s allegedly true story of being possessed by the ailing spirit of an ill man. James Mann asks, "bullshit…or not?"

  • dZihan And Kamien

    Gran Riserva (Couch / Six Degrees). Review by Bettie Lou Vegas.

  • Twelve Hour Turn

    Daniel Mitchell fights back the tears to speak with Rich from the now defunct, yet legendary Twelve Hour Turn.

  • Ely Guerra

    Bill Campbell talks to Ely Guerra about women, their new role in Mexican music, and shaving her hair down to the roots.

  • DJ? Acucrack

    The Dope King (Crack Nation). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • The Cutting Room

    Louise Welsh’s psychological thriller, The Cutting Room has received a boatload of praise. Stein Haukland checks out the debut novel, and lets you know whether it’s up to snuff.

  • Sunday’s Best

    The Californian (Polyvinyl). Review by Dan Stapleton.

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