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The Hope Conspiracy


Equal Vision

Wow! What a brilliant album we finally get from the ever-promising and often great Hope Conspiracy. Endnote is such a huge achievement it’s guaranteed to leave you gasping for breath way before the last notes ring out. Utterly convincing, beautiful and brutal, The Hope Conspiracy are as punk as they come, telling honest tales of confrontation and anger, sincere stories of hope, redemption and confusion. And they do it just as well with music as with their lyrics.

Starting out with the punishing growl of “Departed,” Endnote only increases in intensity as it moves along, taking in sonic experimentation, uncompromising hardcore, metal machinery and furious, snarling growls of madness and meaning. 26 minutes of music that never lets up, building to a volatile series of climaxes, and it’s going to leave you refreshed and vibrant. One of the top albums of the year – any genre – from one of the most unique, most uncompromising hardcore bands out there today. Stunning.

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