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That Kartel of Kool over at Fashion TV know a good thing when they hear it. Hot off the heels of their first Wagram compilation, they have fired off a house mix that promises to blaze into the wee hours of the morning.

The mix starts off with the infectious groove, “The Light,” by Michelle Weeks, who’s obviously grown up in the Stephanie Mills Church of Holy House, belting and wailing over that relentless 4/4 chug. Then, there’s a lot of your typical house tunes, pounding that rhythm into your ass – but nothing that really stands out. Fortunately, DJ F.E.X. drops the tabla-dotted “Indie Walk,” which is catchier than Typhoid Mary. That’s followed by a quirky disco by Paul Johnson, “Follow This Beat,” and Major Boys’ throbbing Brazil beat, “Sous le Soleil,” with the seductive siren song of Aurélia. These are some highly interesting, intriguing cuts that you can’t help falling in love with. The mix then goes back to typical territory with some real scorchers by Antoine Clamaran and Edouard de Tricasse, Silver & K.

While eschewing the clever chic of the first compilation with folks like Herbert, Waldeck, and St. Germaine, this FTV project still has a little flair. No heady house here – just pure primal pounding. It still works, though. Just at a lower level.

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