Plus One

Plus One

Mixer Presents: Next School Vol. 2

Razor & Tie

I don’t know exactly what being the DMC World Champ entails or what Plus One had to do to become it. I’m not sure if he has many responsibilities with the crown. Like Miss America, does he have to work for world peace, or something? It seems like it could be a lot of responsibility for a DJ. Maybe he should look less toward the headier stuff and just work on rocking the party. While I’m sure Plus One could go in there and straighten out the Iraq situation, he does seem much more suited for the decks.

This (mercifully) one-disc mix CD shows Plus One at his drum n’ bass best. He has a way of bringing the frenzy that is explosive, dynamic, and completely infectious. He starts off with his own “Routine 2,” a turntablist showcase that is just ridiculous. Then he really gets things going with Ils’ “No Soul,” a blues-tinted d&b with soul. It’s an intriguing cut with just enough hook to grab your attention. Plus One does not let go and builds his set quite well, easing you into his madness until, by the sixth song, Krust’s “Kloakin’ King,” you are possessed and dancing around like the lunatic you knew you could be.

His attack is relentless, and, once he’s got you, he won’t let go. There are some great beat frenzies by Dillinja, J Majik, MC Trip, and Mampi Swift. And what the man does with Roni Size’s mix of Zero 7’s “End Theme” is simply sublime.

While Plus One’s hopping the globe making the world a better place and all the other duties his title has foisted upon him, it is a fine thing that he has left behind this document of his d&b dance floor dictatorship. His decree has been issued, and it will move you to exhausted tears.

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