Ghostly Int.

Tadd Mullinix is back as Dabrye, with a clickety-hop vengeance. A futurist’s wet dream, Payback is the triumph of the machine, where our flesh is stripped down to the wire and we mechanically obey the industrial screams squeezing our automaton hearts. When Mullinix paints dark, brooding, post-apocalyptic soundscapes straight out of a Ridley Scott nightmare, our brains are numb, we are speechless, and we find ourselves disquietingly enjoying the brood. But, then, something changes. The blips and bleeps try to get happy. They smile in reminiscence of a time that really was musically bleak: the ’80s. The circuitry malfunctions, popping and shorting in synaptical confusion. We are human. Of flesh and blood, we’re made. We will not yield to your pastel-and-paisley-Tangerine-Dream-Don-Johnson-and-the-black-guy-Axel-F.-Miami-Vice dictatorship. We will not go back. We will not submit. No! we scream. NO! THE ’80S WILL NOT LIVE AGAIN!!!

Ghostly International: http://www.ghostly.com

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