Safe EP


For Kittie, it seems to always have been a battle against their womanhood, as if it’s impossible to be both good and female in the heavy metal community. And all praise to them for winning over everyone but the most die-hard misogynists without giving up any of their uniqueness and personality in the process. The Safe EP is the first breath of life from the three-piece since their huge Oracle album from a couple of years ago, and while it shows an ever maturing Kittie in fine form, it’s something of a disappointment to register that there’s no new songs on here.

Instead, you get new takes on songs from their last album, and three live videos added for good measure. The title track shows an unusually mellow side of the bands and comes in two versions — KMFDM’s reworking of it being pretty brilliant, while the radio edit (also by KMFDM) obviously is a less interesting affair. The real treat, however, proves to be the following five live versions of Oracle material. Kittie run ferociously through the songs, growling and stomping along, with breathtaking ambition and aggression. Few if any overdubs may leave room for the occasionally sloppy note, but it only adds to the raw power on here. Kittie is a charismatic and energetic live band, and they’ve actually managed to capture that on tape.

While this is only the next best thing to a new album from the Canadian girls, it’s still a convincing display of powers to pass the time until that eventually comes out. Kittie is one of the few remaining vital acts on the stomp-and-grind metal scene, and this is definitely one to grab if that’s what you’re after.

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