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Pulby / Primitive Painter

Split 7”

Dead Digital

Interesting… The Pulby side of this seven-inch contains a song called “Water From Different Falls.” It’s a subdued and somber romp through purgatory, with a strange distorted drum beat loop, spooky keyboards, weird guitar noises, samples, and other various noises. I really like this song, and it reminded me the weird blurps and bleeps that can be found in-between songs on Unwound’s Repetition.

The Primitive Painter side is kind of like Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails, but with more club sensibilities. A very big and steady, mid-tempo drum beat leads the way throughout the song. Sadly, the song never really goes anywhere, and it gets really boring after about the first minute or two.

The artwork is really cool – hard stock textured paper with red silk screened designs. Very plain, but also very appealing to the eye. If you can get it for under $4.00, it’s worth it.

P.S.: Both bands are foreign, so don’t feel out of the loop if you’ve never heard of these bands.

Dead Digital, PO Box 94, Manchester, M19 3WY, UK

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