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Brothers Of Conquest

All the Colors of Darkness


Brothers Of Conquest’s newest release, All the Colors of Darkness is a punk and metal fusion with AC/DC-like riffs and Danzig inspired vocals. This is fine, but the Brothers, if I may, delve into an evil shtick and rock n’ roll cliché. On “Kill For Rock n’ Roll,” for instance, the singer, “The Rock n’ Roll Outlaw,” aka Adam Neal, sings, “Come join me children on our journey… ‘Til the Mothers and the babies die.”

The entire album continues with this motif with mythical lyrics similar to ’80s English bands – early Genesis and Pink Floyd – but without the atmospheric psychedlia. On “Evil Realized,” the Outlaw sings “I stood on top of the Magic Mountain,” and early on “Kill For Rock n’ Roll” he screams: “On to Valhalla, where we were born.”

The entire album is populated with mythical creatures (“Monster Creator”), the dead (“Gravel Roads” and “Say Goodbye”), and ludicrous stage names that distract from the musical quality of the disc.

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