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The Lawnmowers


Good Ink

Unassuming pop rock of the good kind. The Lawnmowers do lean towards the boring side of things on a few of the tracks on here, on which everything sound like every other power-pop band out there – check “The Goat,” “Fairuza Bako,” and “Gift Idea.” But more often, they excel in creativity and garage-y punkiness, while always retaining their clean-cut, nice-boys attitude.

“Buzz” is a splendid piece of psych-rock, while “College Dropout” sounds like some demented pre-Wings Paul McCartney outtake. “Pink Suicide” offers sleazy crooner pop, and “Inland Empire” is, of all things, a cover of the 1994 Sammy song, from their pre-Geffen King of the Island Empire EP. Not the best album you’re going to hear all year, but a surprisingly good one nonetheless.

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