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2 Turds and a Golfball

Various Artists

Hollow Bunny

I’ll tell you what I liked here: “You can shave a man’s head, until he’s as bald as Yul Brenner.” I thoroughly enjoyed that line from the Big City Orchestra’s version of “2 Turds and a Golfball.” You know you’ve got something classy when Yul Brenner’s involved.

To be frankly honest though, the title of this record could not be more fitting, but it could be more accurate: 25 Turds… would have been a bit more on target.

This CD is 25 different bands all contributing songs called “2 Turds and a Golfball.” The people at Hollow Bunny Records asked these bands to contribute a song by that name, and gave them no other info about it. Hmmmm….

The Cowbot’s version of “2 Turds…” is quite hilarious, as it sounds like The Chipmunks have joined one of those feminine boyband groups from the early 1990s (like Color Me Badd). Hilarity ensues…

There’s some death metal here (Dahmer, Anal Cunt), some hot rock (from Grand Pricks), some bizarre experimental stuff (by Happy Flowers – this song is actually really cool; the entire song revolves around guitar feedback), and a slew of other goodness. The garage rock antics of The Human Flys are appreciated, but their ripping off The Cramps so terribly is not appreciated, at all.

Versions that were actually cool were contributed by One7nine5six, Klepto Maniac Zoo, Radical Ricardo, and Slavx. The rest of the CD is, literally, crap.

Hollow Bunny Records:

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