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Any cross-cultural relationship can run into problems. There are just so many gaps, gaffes, and gulfs to be crossed when social norms and mores collide. The same holds true for other cultures’ musical traditions. When I hear Tuvan throat singing, I can sit for hours in sheer bafflement.

That, however, is not a problem with Bellydance Superstars. Compiled by some of our country’s best bellydancers (including the twins Veena and Neena, who’ve been on ER, The View, and the Oscars and also have a bellydancing exercise video), this collection of Middle Eastern music is electric, kinetic, and downright incandescent. Every moment is a hard-edged, hard-driving percussive explosion that compels you to move every part of your body. Clubs here in DC have started throwing Arab music into their mixes, and you can see why, listening to this disc. There is a lot of brilliant music here from the likes of Oojami, Suhaila Salimpour, Hakim, Dinletir, Shereen, Warder, and Gamal Gommaa (all names to watch out for).

Incredibly fun and extremely exhilarating, the pure dance fervor of Bellydance Superstars can breech any cultural gulf one might find oneself in when dealing with Arab music.

Mondo Melodia:

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