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Gene Farris

Textures Vol. 1

Farris Wheel Limited

Chicago’s own prolific DJ/producer, Gene Farris, has been palling around with the likes of Ron Trent, Derrick Carter, Paul Johnson, and DJ Sneak for years, has worked on projects for Soma, Force Inc., Static, and Defected/Fluential, and has over 40 production creds to his name. He has also headed up his own label, Farris Wheel Recordings for almost five years, and last year started the Limited imprint. Farris’ goal with this imprint is to go even deeper with his Chicago deep dish house. And, if this mix CD is any indication (which is exactly why he’s releasing it), Limited has definitely succeeded.

Farris is not the first label head to concoct a mix of her/his catalogue. So, while one can’t be impressed with the marketing decision, you will certainly find yourself amazed at the quality of the music Farris Wheel has been spinning. The music oozes with soul, throbes with passionate bass grooves, and soars with that anthemic house joy that leaves you smiling, dancing, and exhausted. Each act (Farris himself, Roomsa (especially), Lowend, Daniel Thompson, Audio Whores, Behind The Groove, Greens Keepers, Boo Williams, and Glenn Underground) is someone to listen for. Songs like Roomsa’s “Someday” and “Reason Why” and Audio Whores’ “House Music All Night” leave you dripping in ecstasy. And this entire disc is a perfect deep house party waiting to happen with no false steps or wrong turns to destroy the fun.

Farris Wheel Limited:

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