The Sun

The Sun

Love & Death EP


I may have to eat my words for suggesting this, but I’m less impressed by this over-hyped debut EP than I thought I’d be. The Sun is another in the ever-increasing line of nu-garage rockers — more inspired by The Velvet Underground than The Stooges this time around, but all the same. Sure, The Sun have huge potential, and there are some really great moments on here too. But as of now, this is too unfocused and sprawling to really stand apart from the tough competition these days.

The Sun play with a fevered energy and an uncompromising attitude, and Love & Death certainly is more than good enough to warrant continued attention and some expectations before their upcoming full-length album. But judging from this first release, this doesn’t seem to be the band that will take the garage rock revolution to the next level, as some have suggested.

The Sun:

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