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Alex Attias

Presents the Chromatic Universe

Visions Inc.

If you did not believe in or ever heard of Alex Attias’ sheer talent, this is the disc that will convert you and even the hardest of skeptics. The Chromatic Universe represents some of the best production work Attias (aka Interfearance) has done for others as well as a few cuts from friends and associates. The album as a whole combines the creamiest, most soulful electronica out there. Energetic breakbeats, compelling rhythms, with fat layers of jazzy sensation – it’s a contagious groove-to-move-you that lasts over 70 minutes in your stereo and for years to come in your mind.

The Chromatic kicks things off with Attias and Jessica Lauren’s “Waltz for Little Eva,” a steamy Hammond-soaked lounge groove that subconsciously sways your hips. Xela Saitta’s “Daylight” possesses a great staccato beat topped with her buttery vocals (which are reminiscent of Caron Wheeler). Vanessa Freeman”s “Sunrays” is a deep-bass throb neo-soul masterpiece. Imani Uzuri weaves her silky voice through the percussive madness of Plutonia”s “Forever.” Emelda supplies a nice, jump-up AfroTech cut with “Waenda.” Idema + Co”s “Cascade” is a nice Latin groove with manic Manhattan Transfer vocals (with almost as fine a touch as Les Gammas) with fantastic horn solos.

This disc does, indeed, hold a cosmos’ worth of sounds. But it is all held together with the uniting principles of groove and quality. There is not a dud among the 12 songs collected here, which is a testament to the immense skill that Attias possesses. I, personally, am a believer. Come, sisters and brothers, kneel with me.

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