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Jamie Myerson: Sky City

Going… Gone

Sound Gizmo

Jamie Myerson presents electronic road music on his second Sky City release, following Lift Me Up from a couple of years back. It’s a conventionally pleasing, warm and organic collection of songs, which moves unhesitatingly from the groovy “Waiting in Virginia” to the bubble bursting “Can’t Look Back” in the blink of an eye. Ebba Forsberg adds vocals to the sensually upbeat “That’s How Much I Love You,” while “Nowhere To Be Found,” a slab of busily trampling electronica, sees a welcomed change of pace and energy. A couple of fillers, such as “Crater” and the outdated synth-pop of “Love Can’t Fail,” don’t severely destroy the impression that Myerson has made a likeable if unchallenging album that’s better enjoyed while driving your car than in front of your home stereo.

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