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The Majesticons

Beauty Party

Big Dada/Ozone

To quote the sagacious words of Method Man, a true prophet of our time: “What’s that shit that they be smoking’?” Whenever listening to Bronx B-Boy, spoken wordsmith, Mike Ladd, this question can’t help but to constantly pop into one’s head.

Deep in the mists of Laddland rages a mortal battle between the Majesticons (evil robots invented by the maniacal Poof NaNa) and the Infesticons (we prols). The prize? The soul of black music. Apparently, in Episode I (Gun Hill Road), the Majesticons lost and have now regrouped to create Beauty Party (and you thought Prince’s Rainbow Children was out there).

This disc, or episode, is laced with bitter irony so thick it drips out of your speakers. Ladd and crew have indeed assembled a concept that throws you straight into the kitsch. Lacing tinny Casio beats and mediated stereotypes, they take “gangsta” bullshit to task in songs like “Majestwest Party.” In the gluttonous glitter glam of the disco, “Prom Night Party” bounces with a twisted ’80s beat somewhere between Klymaxx and Tom Tom Club. “Platinum Blaque Party” seems a fitting ode to Cameo.

In the world of these dastardly Majesticons, existence is frivolous, culture is consumed and easily disposed of and should be produced lazily without pride or compunction, and life ain’t nothin’ but a party (like the title of each song on the disc suggests). There’s an overriding sense of contempt throughout Beauty Party. But, boy, it is a lot of fun. One could see Derrida jamming all night to this bad boy. To finish the Meth quote: “Pass it over here.”


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