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Conclusion To The Intro…


The elusive Nova-Adore deliver a rather sprawling affair with Conclusions To The Intro•, an album that takes it upon itself to combine Smashing Pumpkins with Tears For Fears, not always with equally admirable results. Tracks like “The Only One” and “Should Have Known” are beautiful slabs of muted punk rock, bringing to mind Soul Asylum and Hüsker Dü, while the closing “Piano Song” is remarkable evidence of their potential when branching out from ’80s-sounding pop-rock.

However, they regularly come across as too polite and too sedated for their own good – not to mention that at one point they actually sing: “won’t you come comfort me / don’t make me call the love police.” Ouch! There’s a modestly fine EP hiding in here, but as it stands, Conclusion To The Time• contains too many fillers to stand out in a crowd.


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