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Sorry About Dresden

Let it Rest

Saddle Creek

Their sound is steeped in ol’ fashioned punk and indie, but it’s neither nostalgic nor experimental. Their riffs and harmonies aren’t ordinary, but they fail to make any kind of real impact. Basically, Sorry About Dresden leave very little impression at all, apart from a vague aftertaste of annoyance.

Let it Rest feels incredibly dull and dead. Remember that roadtrip where the car broke down and you were sprawled across the backseat, hot and nauseous and groggy, with your friend playing a tiresome tape that you’d never heard before? It sounded like every mediocre band in the world and it slowly drove you insane without you actually realizing it. Meanwhile, the car heated up and your friendships degenerated before your very eyes. It was the perfect summer soundtrack for a holiday gone wrong.

Let it Rest was that tape. The vocals are uninspired and the melody lines are contrived. The guitar is straight out of Shitty Punk 101. The sunny emo tinges are weak and insubstantial. And the saddest part is that Sorry About Dresden could almost combine those elements and do the “cool to be crap” English punk-rocker thing; but they just don’t seem to have enough energy. Maybe they realise that they’re fighting a losing battle.

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